drew carlascio: vocals

    birthday: june 24 1983

    occupation: guy at togos

    favorite movie: american graffiti

    favorite bands: less than jake, squad five o, seven day jesus

    hobbies: smearing foreign objects on my face

    relationship status: my girlfriend is christina aguilera

tyler kiley: guitar

    birthday: october 11, 1984

    occupation: eat pizza

    favorite movie: spice world and happy gilmore

    favorite bands: pennywise, sublime, five iron frenzy, freeto boat, POD, mxpx, project 86, jimi hendrix, nirvana, sick of change

    hobbies: guitars, write songs, eat, off and on skates, most importantly does homework

    relationship status: i have 2 cats

jon havens: guitar and vocals

   birthday: april 8 1983

    occupation: jamba juice worker by day, male gigalo by night

    favorite movie: star wars: phantom menace, the rock

    favorite bands: stavesacre, seven day jesus (rip), pod, project 86, craig's brother, ghoti hook, freeto boat, less than jake, five iron frenzy, jimmy eat world, the ataris, plankeye (to me they are dead), sunny day real estate, the hypocrites, dc talk, ember

    hobbies: playing guitar, writing songs, filming pointless videos, talk to myself, play house with my cat, play hide and seek with my goldfish

    relationship status: single for life it seems.......sigh

dave olson: bass and vocals

   birthday: june 3 1981

    occupation: ballet instructor 

    favorite movie: 

    favorite bands: PfR, White Heart, MxPx, PfR, Skillet, Seven Day
Jesus, PfR, Stavesacre, W's, Newsboys, and PfR 

    hobbies: Music, putting my dating life back together 

    relationship status: Married with two kids

ryan hammond: trumpet and vocals

   birthday: march 19 1983

    occupation: longs employee

    favorite movie: titanic dumb and dumber

    favorite bands: POD, less than jake, mxpx, blink 182, fan5

    hobbies: skateboarding, snowboarding

    relationship status: very very very desperate.  still in NBK

jarrod neff: sax and vocals

     birthday: january 18 1983

    occupation: mild mannered student at a local high school

    favorite movie: waking ned devine

    favorite bands: supertones, five iron frenzy, freeto boat, mary rice hopkins, mxpx, 2 car garage, insyderz, brush arbor

    hobbies: playing alto sax at school and collecting root bear cans and bottles

    relationship status: hoping a girl will come along but so far i have had no relationship with a human of a different gender than i

ryun georges: drums

   birthday: may 31, 1984

   occupation: duct tape man, kung fu fighter

   favorite movie: billy madison

   favorite bands: freeto boat, creed, blink 182

   hobbies: collecting oversized boogers, drumming, snowboarding

   relationship status: divorced three times, married to my second child

brian jensen: trumpet and vocals

   birthday: november 17 1982

   occupation: computer systems analyist at edify/s1 banking solutions

   favorite movie: the shawshank redemption, the sixth sense, uhf or man on the moon

   favorite bands: sunny day real estate, far, stavesacre, at the drive-in, les savy fav, the appleseed cast, alkaline trio, mates of state, planes mistaken for stars, blindside, jimmy eat world, the get up kids

   hobbies: making slapstick films, writing songs, hanging out, going to the beach

   relationship status: desperatly trying to fill the gap