1.  When did Quarter Oi start?

  -We started in march of 1997, but we played our first show in december of 1997 at 24seven with Burnt Sienna


2.  Who were the original members?

   -Steven Cheney, Justin Cheney, Brian Jensen, Jon Havens, Drew Carlascio, and Jarrod Neff


3.  Were there any other members that have come and gone since then?

-yes, Seth Addington played bass for a little while, and JP Lam played trombone for a bit


4.  Has Quarter Oi ever recorded?

-Yes, we recorded a 5 song demo in april of 98 called "We're Not Junior Highers" and it did not come out very good, so we don't sell those anymore.  but one song from it "salvation day" is on a compilation put out by frog ska records


5.  What happened to all of the songs off the high quality demo "We're Not Junior Highers?"

-We still play Egotistical Me to this day. We are thinking of bringing back Ultimate Prize and revising it a little.  The other 3 we dropped due to there amount of skasity.


6.  How can I get Skankitis?

-Don't ever ask that!!! Skanking is very bad. It is of the devil. It should be banned from all public places. It should be at the top of everyone's bad list along with math and septic tank cleaning.


7.  Why are you guys a ska band?

-When we started ska was getting popular, and each of us in our group of friends played some instument that can be used for a ska band. so we followed the trendy boat (i mean, bandwagon) and started a ska band. but over time our musical preferences changed and we arent the biggest "ska freaks" like we used to be, but we still play the music because it is fun.  We also add a punk/hardcore edge to it.


8.  Do any members of QO have girlfriends?

-Dave has a girlfriend, Drew is dating Christina Aguilera, Jon is dating all the girls in his dreams, Brian is dating Kwock, and the rest are very lonely guys.


9.  Who is the strongest member?

   -Definitly not Brian oi.  he hasn't worked out in ages.  Dave is barely the strongest. He can bench a huge 130.  J/k. We don't know how much he can bench, but he is oldest so he might as well be the strongest.


10.  Does Jon still use words like hup, pick it up, and oi a lot?

-ha.........not funny man


11.  Why does Ryun like to beat up girls?

-We don't know. We asked him once and he usually gets mad and tells us to shutup. We think it's cause he little sister beats on him so when he see's a girl he goes crazy. 


12.  Does QuarterOi enjoy skanking?

   -No. We found a cure for skankitis a while back but on some occasions some members are known to skank for seconds at a time. But we beat them senseless so they stop.