What does "Quarter Oi" mean?
-quarter oi has no significant meaning. it sounds like cordoruy. but we were ska freaks at the time so we thought oi had to do with ska, so it all got messed up. but it stuck.

Does Brian Oi have a girlfriend?
-Im glad to say that Brian is free (for life it seems)

Who were all the members that have been in the band?
-jon havens (guitar) 3.97-today
brian jensen (trumpet) 3.97-today
drew carlascio (vocals) 3.97-today
jarrod neff (sax) 3.97-today
steven cheney (drums) 3.97-9.99
justin cheney (bass) 3.97-8.97, 10.97-5.99
ryan hammond (trumpet) 9.97-today
jp lam (trombone) 10.97-3.98
seth addington (bass) 8.97-10.97
dave olson (bass) 5.99-today
ryun georges (drums) 9.99-today

When did quarter oi start?
-Well Jon and Brian were talking way back in march of 97 and they had the idea of starting a ska band (yes yes it was trendy). so that night the idea of a ska band was concieved. but we didnt find out until 2 weeks later when we became pregnant with a large child. 9 months later a baby popped out with the name quarter oi. and it was on a flyer with Burnt Sienna. this baby's birthday was our first show.

What are your influences?
-we like less than jake and five iron frenzy. but we listen to a wide array of music.

Are you postive brian is single
-yes, brianoi is single

How old are the ois
-between 15 and 19.

Who is Quarter Oi has a girlfriend?
-ryun has a girlfriend and dave has a girlfriend. the rest are bachelors for life.

Who is in charge of this never-updated website?
-That would be all brian's fault

On your merch page it says i can order stuff. how can i do that?
-this is the tricky part. listen up....first you find a venue. then you book us to play. then we bring our merch, then you buy it. its that simple. or we can do some mailorder stuff. but who is more trusting. 7 trendy ska guys or the US post office.

How can I book you to play at my show or party or barmitzvah or dog neutering session?
-you can email us and that would do wonders. just like if you take a shower after missing 3 days (it does wonders). and it makes your hair smell nice.

What if i have a question that i frequently ask myself and its not on the site?
-email us your question and it would work out dandy.

Were they in an article for some local paper?
-to see an article from the Willow Glen Resident about our band please go here

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