[just so you know we dropped most of our old stuff so this is what we play now]

*egotistical me

my life's been busy so much that I dont know what to do. being in two places at once, but nowhere with you. i was idolizing myself in a third person point of view and I will never walk in somebody elses shoes i've been so selfish. only been thinking about me. God help me get through this, i forgot that youre all I need God the time has come to praise your name. i'm gonna do it, for this time it aint a game. i'll patch things up and make it all right. i'll forget about myself and put you in my sight. God, please come back to me. i love you with all of my heart. i will never forsake you. i will never fall apart. Jesus be good to me i've been so bad i've been so selfish but I never wish I had. [chorus]. my selfish ambition please help me escape, leave my pride before it's to late. my selfishness i cannot hide. the pain that hurts me, so deep inside. your kingdom awaits me till this day. keep you in my sight is all i pray. i can't wait to leave this place just so i can see your face. [chorus] i've been so selfish i can't forget you i cant forget you

the man yells on the corner about Jesus Christ he urges them to believe what is right he may be old and smell really bad no one listens, it doesnt make him mad a bleach haired punk wears a Jesus shirt some look at her and treat her like dirt she has a tattoo and a punk rock chain they think her shirts message is insane he may be different. she may be unattractive he worships this way. she worships that way but when it all comes down we all have the same goal and we are all equal the little kid talks about what heaven is like to his friend who belives everything is right he invites the lord into his heart praying that they will never be apart [chorus] we're all equal

*band fight
We used to go to practice just to yell But after a while it wasn't too swell. Some guys would go on strike and not play a thing Made us so mad we almost put them in a sling Why do we gotta fight? We yell with all our might Prayer is the only way to go But I know we wouldn't be without is Ryan with his spanish and Jarrod with his hacky sac Made me so mad I felt I'd ring their necks Justin with his skateboard and Greg with his face The only thing on his head would be my guitar case
[chorus] To conquer all this fighting took some time We started to pray more now there's not much more crime Prayer is the only answer for problems like these The only alternative is to get down are your knees We all prayed for unity and for patience All the fights took a big fat vacation Now I don't remember our last big fight Prayer is the only way. trust me I'm right